Solutions for Newspapers

Prepress solutions to efficiently manage your daily newspaper production, even in challenging circumstances.

You Print. We Care.

Centralize and streamline production

ECO3's solutions ensure seamless operations, minimizing downtime and disruptions and enabling newspapers to maintain focus on their core mission. Our cloud solutions facilitate centralized prepress production and data distribution across printing sites.

Reduce costs

Newspaper printers need cost-effective solutions to thrive in today's challenging market. ECO3 offers cutting-edge solutions such as SPIR@L and InkTune that optimize resource usage and minimize waste.

A global partner

We're a global supplier with decades of experience in the newspaper industry. We know the industry in and out and can offer the support that you need to keep your operations run smoothly, anywhere and anytime.

Our portfolio

Offset Plates

Printing plates that enable you to print the highest quality and meet the tightest deadlines

  • Digital violet and thermal plates
  • Process-free, chemistry-free, or conventional
  • Stable and reliable print quality
  • Run lengths up to 1 mio copies

Computer-to-Plate Systems

Best-in-class performance and reliability for the highest imaging quality at the lowest operating cost

  • Violet platesetters
  • Processors/clean-out units for chemistry-free and conventional printing plates
  • Advanced automation minimizes operator interventions

Software Solutions

Streamline your print operations to obtain peak productivity and outstanding quality

  • Workflow automation
  • Secure cloud services, manageable from anywhere
  • Color management & ink saving
  • Press standardization

Pressroom Supplies

Optimize your printing plate and press performance

  • Fountain solutions
  • Gums & finishers
  • Plate care products
  • Rollers & blanket washes
  • Correction materials & cleaners


Committed to film-based solutions? So is ECO3. We continue to provide the products and technical support you need.

  • Contact, camera and recording films
  • Developers
  • Fixers
  • Replenishers
  • Cleaning solutions


All the know-how and support you need to maximize the profitability of your newspaper printing business

  • Service contracts & hotline support
  • Training programs
  • Consultancy & ISO Quality Assist (IQA) programs
  • Cloud & subscription services

Discover our packaging portfolio

ECO3 offers a broad range of solutions for packaging and label printers - for both offset and flexo presses.