Workflow software for packaging & label printing

Amfortis is a dedicated all-in-one PDF workflow solution for packaging converters and label printers, covering all prepress production tasks from preflighting, stepping and repeating and proofing to rendering.


100% reliable

Amfortis uses ECO3’s Digital QuickStrip mechanism to render a single artwork, which then gets stepped to fill a complete print sheet. This has two great advantages: it keeps file sizes and hardware requirements low, which speeds up your production process. It also ensures a perfectly consistent print quality. As the box is rendered, before it is placed, it will always retain its characteristics, no matter its position or orientation.

High print quality, low ink usage

Amfortis incorporates our revolutionary SPIR@L screening, which replaces the traditional ink dot with more efficient shapes. The result? Excellent print quality and significant ink savings, as well as increased printing speed and stability on press!

Built into Amfortis is our comprehensive print standardization software PressTune, which gives you a firm grip on print quality and color consistency and lets you share objective evaluations with brand owners. You’ll benefit from faster make-ready, lower ink and paper consumption, and smoother approvals.

Integrated command center

Amfortis manages jobs, outputs plates, and creates proofs. However, it can also drive digital presses or wide-format printers for sample or short-run production, as well as cutter devices.

Brand design & protection

Amfortis integrates with ECO3’s Arziro, an Illustrator plug-in that makes it easy to add specific design elements to artwork for brand protection. Arziro not only protects printed packages against counterfeiting, it also enhances their shelf appeal, thus enabling you to create added value for brand owners.

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Available as a cloud solution that is monitored 24/7 from ECO3’s ISO-certified data centers, Amfortis Cloud lets you focus on your core business while rising to future challenges: growing amounts of data, secure storage, multi-site operations…

Built on Apogee

ECO3 has a 25+ year track record when it comes to developing JDF-based workflow software solutions. Amfortis builds on our well-known Apogee Prepress workflow software for commercial printers to meet the specific requirements of packaging and label printers.

Integrated AMFORTIS Editor

The integrated Amfortis PDF editor contains a complete set of prepress, editing and quality assurance functions, such as trapping, separation handling, barcode creation, object-based screening and many more.

Backed up by great service & support

Amfortis is backed up by our experienced service and support organization, so you can remain up and running at all times.


As it is subscription-based, Amfortis will fit your needs exactly, while being aligned at all times to the latest technological developments.

Part of a whole

Amfortis works its magic best in cooperation with ECO3’s dedicated plates, platesetters, imagers and pressroom products for offset and flexo printing. We are happy to discuss bundling deals with you.


Amfortis Server infrastructure


Windows 10 or Windows 2016 (Standard Edition) or Windows 2019 (Standard Edition), depending on the throughput and reliability requirements


Dual CPU, 16GB Ram and 250GB

Amfortis Client


Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2012, Windows 2016 and Windows 2019


Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

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