Apogee Impose

Imposition module for Apogee

Once you’ve used Apogee Impose, it’s hard to imagine working with templates ever again. Feed it data such as sheet size, number of pages and available equipment and it rewards you with the optimal imposition scheme in no time. Besides that, Apogee Impose is fully integrated in Apogee, which saves time and minimizes errors. It also updates its imposition scheme automatically when you change parameters as the job progresses.

You can use two systems: ‘Auto Impose’ and ‘Web Impose’. The first calculates the ideal imposition with a minimum of paper waste. ‘Web Impose’ is specifically designed for high-volume publications and enables you to define the imposition in terms of printing as well as in finishing.


Save time

Apogee Impose can automatically calculate optimal imposition schemes. It is integrated into Apogee, so there is no need to switch between programs. This leads to a faster and more intuitive prepress process.

Reduce costs

Apogee Impose supports various algorithms to lower production costs, including multi-order imposition and cut ‘n assemble.

Minimize errors

Assimilation of the imposition scheme to changes in the process

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胶版轮转印刷不同于单张纸胶版印刷。但Apogee Impose通过轮转机生产方案(WPS)可以很好地为二者服务,使用户能够按印刷和印后加工定义排版。双版、传送带、折页和页面布局,等是您可以自定义的几个选项。


Apogee Impose有很多简便的功能让打印更为顺畅。“定位版(Positioning Palette)”可用于设置页面或元素之间的距离;”特殊封面(Special Covers)“可为组件轻松制定一个完整的封面(甚至在单独的页面上);”合并助手(Merge Assistant)“能给出工作合并建议,使流程更高效。





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